Don't Forget Alex Fermanis

Alex Fermanis did not ask me to write this. Alex Fermanis is an old friend who is a prolific songman. He makes complex albums where he plays all the instruments on the albums. I recommend to everyone to spend time with his albums on bandcamp, especially the great psychedelic 1960s basement prodigy gift known as "HORS SERVICE". You will not regret it.

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Bard Rock Studio Presents: Melanie Odelle and The Cheap Motel

Melanie Odelle and The Cheap Motel perform songs off of Hot Sauce in Kitsap County, at the Bard Rock Studio in Poulsbo, Washington. Hear classic Hot Sauce hits like "Leaving Thurston County Again", "Peterson's Topsoil", and "Hot Sauce in Kitsap County", live and with a full, fabulous band! We've got Dave German, Davee Bolt, and Peter Freeman backing up Melanie Odelle, at the heart of her transition between being Melanie Beth Curran and becoming Melanie Odelle, again.  

Sign up for Melanie's Seasonal Newsletter, Motel Slang

Sign up for Melanie's Seasonal Newsletter, Motel Slang

In a time of great social media overload, I've opted out of most platforms. I have however, found a love for the email, which is slow and personal in its arrival to an inbox. To better inform those who are interested in my whereabouts and appreciations, I have started a Newsletter called Motel Slang

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